Design: Renato De Lorenzo

Outdoor sofa with 80×80 cm modules that form armchairs, sofas, corner compositions, poufs and coffee tables. The elements can be connected with U-hooks to obtain the configuration that you like best and that the environment allows, also forming large compositions. The modules are completed by an 80×140 cm chaise longue, whose rectangular base can also be a large pouf. The study of the padding has led us to achieve truly exceptional comfort, considering that an outdoor product involves the use of materials that must also have a certain resistance to water and mold.

The frame is made of a square stainless steel tube then painted with outdoor treatment, stainless steel is a very resistant and sustainable material, its long life means that it does not have to be replaced reducing the amount of waste, and it can also be recycled several times without losing its characteristics.

The fabric that covers the padding is a waterproof hydromembrane with a certified resistance to water penetration, the lower part of the seat and back cushions and also of the decorative pads, provides a mesh that allows water to escape and air to pass inside the cushion.

The polyester fiber contained in the padding is 100% recyclable. To achieve greater water tightness, the product has as an option an external cover that protects it in periods of little use or exposure to bad weather.

The padding is produced with the application of a technology that is based on the ability of the materials used to drain water quickly and to allow a fast and consistent recirculation of air. This prevents premature deterioration of the product and the appearance of mold.