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Can the “Mercury” model be made with an intermediate armrest?
Yes, it is possible to customize between 10cm and 22cm (standard sizes), we can make the measure that the customer wants.
What are the colors of the eco-leather in promotion?
The color codes for eco-leather are 710 – 235 – 780 – 301 – 32.
What are the discount fabrics?
How can I calculate the price if I do not choose a discount fabric?
Just check out the price list by applying the normal discount.
Why can not I have a discount price if i choose another fabric?
For us it is possible to offer to sell fabrics at bargain prices only if these have been bought in large quantities, this allows us to cut costs. For fabrics specially ordered per meter, it is therefore not possible to practice the discounted price.
The “Suave” model is made without bed?
The “Per-2” model must have 4 panels?
Yes, you need to use all 4 panels otherwise the mesh will be visible.
Can Bubble, Hug, Cube, Libra and Feel-Easy beds have the two-position mechanism for setting the level of the mesh or just the hinged opening?
You can have the two-position mechanism on these models as optional.
Can Bubble, Hug, Cube, Libra and Feel-Easy beds be customized?
No, they are only available in standard sizes for mattresses 80/120/140/160cm × 195cm. Upon request you can have a 180cm × 200cm mesh.
Is it possible to have the a bed frame without a head board?
Yes it is possible in all models, the measurements are listed on the “Sommier” page.
Is it possible to have higher legs for the beds?
Yes, bed legs are available in various sizes up to 12 cm.
The chaise longue of Mercurio and Begin models can be without storage section? Can they be tailored?
Can the chaise storage section fit to the fixed Begin sofa?
No, it fits only to the sofa bed version, while that of the Mercurio model can be combined with the fixed sofa, because the frame of the Mercurio model is made of iron and has been made of the same heights as the sofa bed version. So it’s totally adjacent to the chaise longue, which does not happen with the Begin model that has a wooden frame slightly different from the bed version and its chaise longue. The seat of the sofa would not look the same as that of the chaise longue.
Which beds can be customized?
Regodue, Velvet, Attorno, Somnus Midi and Maxi, New George, Nigora, Dama and Slide models can be customized in the Store and Luxury version (check out our catalogue).
Are there any length limits for custom-made beds? Is it possible to have a length of more than 200 cm?
Yes, you can customize the bed with the desired size.
The foot of the Mercurio bed is it available also in wood?
Yes, it is available in the “Vengé” finish.
Is it possible to add wheels to sofa beds?
Can mattresses be customized?
Do you use all Made in Italy materials?
Yes, our products are made with Made In Italy materials.
Are all sofas fabrics completely removable?
Is it possible to change the padding material?
Yes, only where it is specified (check out our catalogue).
Is it possible to have a product (bed or sofa) accelerating production times?
We can quickly make beds or sofas compatible with availability of selected materials. The delivery times are to be defined time after time.
I have already put an order but I would like to make a change, is it possible?
An order is considered confirmed 24h after it has been dispatched to the customer. After 24 hours if the production process is already started, you will not be able to make any changes.
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