Beds sofa

Functionality becomes the central element

Each REspace sofa bed is designed with a precise purpose: to reduce the overall space of a traditional double bed without giving up the comfort of a real bed. Basically sleeping in a real bed taking up the space of a sofa.

Designing and creating a sofa bed that respects these conditions requires careful research because the functions and mechanisms involved are multiple and the perfect balance can only be achieved with hard laboratory work.

In fact, a sofa bed that is problematic when opening and closing or is uncomfortable even when simply sitting in sofa mode does not represent what the end customer is really looking for and is not the result of true artisanal research. The REspace solution exploits precise laboratory research on advanced mechanisms, lightweight structures and padding and backrests designed to guarantee maximum comfort in both sofa and bed mode. Never before has functionality become the central element as in this case: opening, closing and moving in a simple way are actions that must marry perfectly with the aesthetic sense of the product and its convenience of use (simple sitting and resting during sleep).

Furthermore, the space characteristics are another element to which we have paid attention. If in some cases the need is to use small spaces, in others it is instead a larger mattress that constitutes the customer’s main need. For this reason, in addition to the standard models that respect the dimensions of a 160×200 royal double bed, some models allow the use of 180×200 King Size mattresses, thus offering total comfort