The LIFE TIME WARRANTY is additional to that of the law, it is applied exclusively to products in normal and appropriate conditions of domestic use (therefore within a normal residential context) in any case suitable for their function. The guarantee is valid when, following correct use, problems emerge that demonstrate a hidden manufacturing defect attributable to the production cycle.


Wear caused by use of the product is not covered by the warranty.

By appropriate use we mean: that you must not jump on the sofa and/or bed or throw yourself forcefully onto it, you must not sit on armrests and/or backrests. You must not drag the sofa and/or bed, whatever surface it rests on (floor/carpet/rug), but always lift it and move it by placing it carefully. In the case of beds and peninsulas with containers, it will not be possible to overload the bottoms and above all to force them to close by crushing the contained goods, which must in any case be uniformly distributed. Improper use could not only damage the bottom, but put stress on the structure and on the mechanism as a whole, causing it to break. In the case of sofa beds, the bed base must not be closed with blankets or duvets, which over time can jeopardize the correct functioning of the mechanisms ** and contribute to promoting possible mechanical failures. In the sitting position, the base must only be used with the mattress inside. The mechanisms must be opened and closed as per instructions and must not be forced.


Maintenance of the upholstery, whether fabric or leather, must scrupulously comply with the characteristics of the chosen material. Never use chemical, abrasive or alcohol-based products. We decline any responsibility for any damage to the covering (shrinkage/fading/strapping/exfoliation, etc.) caused by incorrect maintenance and/or washing. Do not expose to direct sunlight and/or heat sources.


The skin does not require particular cleaning, use only water and diluted neutral soap, to be passed with delicate circular movements without ever rubbing excessively.
Suede or nubuck leather cannot be cleaned except with a soft, dry cloth.


The fabrics may have a color variation from the sample, this is normal, and does not fall under the warranty, any divergence with the chosen color that falls within the percentages accepted by law cannot be the subject of a dispute.


Skin by its nature it is not homogeneous but has different characteristics based on the part of the animal’s body to which it adhered, it is a natural product, therefore the signs and imperfections found are not to be considered defects, but distinctive elements that enhance its beauty and distinguish it from fake leather and other artificial products, that said, . Complaints regarding small defects due to the intrinsic nature of the product will not be accepted


The padding they do not require specific maintenance, except those in feather, which will have to be adjusted periodically or as needed, the feather is a material that moves inside its casing and therefore must be brought back into position, it is normal for the cushion to be superficially “creased” as this is a characteristic of the feather.


Expanded polyurethane padding tends to soften and then stabilize definitively, this process is absolutely normal, the person who sits applies pressure which causes the micro cells of which the polyurethane is made to break. This breakage is physiological and involves a slight softening.


Again for the reason stated above, it is normal for slight creases to form on the covering, these creases may be more or less accentuated depending on the type of covering used.


The goods delivered, for which the receipt for acceptance has been signed, cannot be contested for superficial defects whose presence is noted after signature and after time has passed since installation in the house, as it is not possible in this circumstance to know whether the possible problem is been created by the production and delivery process or by the customer’s own negligence. (e.g. small cuts/stains/marks from pen and/or markers and any damage that may have been done to the consumer’s home)

  • To assert the rights deriving from the guarantee, the customer, as soon as he finds a lack of conformity, must promptly submit a request for assistance, he must not wait time and say that the damage had occurred before, these declarations will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of the guarantee. Any dispute will be managed and considered from the date the request was submitted.


The Respace srl will, within a reasonable period of time, repair or replace the product or part of it at its discretion, following verification, also through its representative, of the existence of the reported discrepancies or defects as well as of the operating conditions of this warranty.


If, at the time of repair, identical materials to those deemed to be different or defective are not available, Respace srl reserves the right to replace such materials with others of equal quality and economic value.


Respace srl does not recognize the right to compensation for indirect or consequential damages (for example, normal inconveniences and/or loss of time necessary to carry out repairs or replacements), lack of or partial usability of the product;

It does not confer any right to remedies that involve an expense equal to or greater than the purchase price of the goods



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