Beds and Container beds

Design and comfort coexist with a structure

Designing and creating a bed means personally taking care of the quality of sleep of those who will use it. This is a concept that we are well aware of, but in some cases the bed can also be the answer to other needs: it happens with container beds which, in addition to guaranteeing perfect rest, allow us to recover a useful volume for storing our objects. A good storage bed saves precious space in the bedroom. Offering a functional space to improve the liveability of the sleeping area

Our selection of storage beds boasts a wide variety of models and finishes, united by one vital characteristic: the capacity offered. As is also the case with other REspace products, there is careful design work behind it to ensure a solid frame and a precise mechanism. This guarantees simple and effortless access to the container compartment. The final result is that of a product in which design and comfort coexist with a resistant structure that is highly useful for everyday life.