The innovation of modular furniture.

Our philosophy

It is easy to summarize the philosophy of our work: we design and produce every product as if it were to be aimed at our own home.
This translates into a careful choice of materials, into a design characterised by accurate and repeated tests as well as a constant research for innovative solutions to improve also products already in our catalogue.

The manufacturing of a Respace product

The reason of our more than 12 month design and prodution cycle is that we want to transform the initial idea in an excellent product to sell in the showroom. These are months of work and of testing methods with a clear and a transparent objective: to make a product that can guarantee maximum comfort over time

We love hidden details

At a glance there are few details that you can grasp but, over the years, when a product enters our everyday life, everything becomes clear and tangible.
In fact, only living day by day a sofa, a bed or a simple pouf you learn to know and appreciate even the less obvious details and our work, at every stage, has the goal of keeping the promise made: comfort designed to last in times.

It is with the daily use that the “quality” of materials takes on tangible meaning and the solidity of a structure designed to withstand over the years becomes reality.

Come, see, hold in your hand

Words and images are important, but the best way to really know a product is to touch it with your hand. Only in this way is it possible to discover also those small, seemingly insignificant details that have required testing and verification hours and of which we are proud of. Come and visit us in the showroom or visit the nearest retailer to your house.