Sofas & Modular Sofas

The production of REspace sofas is characterized by lines capable of adapting to even the most particular needs. For this reason we have been working for some time to make our proposals flexible. We do this by using modular structures and a variety of depths and heights that allow us to always find the most suitable solution for the customer’s life (his spaces and habits).

Functionality and design

The frame of each sofa represents the first phase of the design and is the true determining element for obtaining maximum stability over time. That’s why we work to ensure that each of our models receives adequate attention and resources. Furthermore, our research works towards continuous improvement of some key elements: the seat and the backrest. Two factors that determine the real comfort of a sofa and make it truly functional. Starting from this assumption we shape the design of each product, respecting a simple condition: to make even the most sophisticated model comfortable.

Our production process puts design and aesthetic details at the service of the objective functionality of the sofa.


In the final formula of each REspace sofa, the materials used for padding and coverings play a central role. For us they are a tangible parameter of quality as they are fibers and fabrics selected with great care and chosen to last over time.