26 November 2012

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It is done by those who love it


campaign-2011-2012bAfter a lot of research through advertising agencies, without convincing results, the new campaign came from the very people who make and design our products : DESIGN TO LIVE, made by those who think and produce it with passion, every detail, every material are chosen and processed until we reach what we consider the best quality standard.

A design for those who want to buy products that are not fast-moving and poor quality, but for those who love their homes and want to surround themselves with durable items. All at a fair expense, because in the end it is the good value for money that gives most value to the product. REspace caters to various market segments starting from products that are less sophisticated, but still cared for in all stages of design and finishing, to products made with the highest level of materials so that it can satisfy its customers in all their needs.

These in brief are the concepts expressed by the phrase: DESIGN TO ENJOY, it is done by those who love it.
Renato De Lorenzo